RC returns with Billy Butler photos

RC is literally overflowing with news. For one, there's our trip to Colorado, which we plan to report on in detail -- complete with oodles of great photos -- in the very near future. Then there's the conversation we had with a high-ranking Royals official tonight about the Royals minor leagues -- we promise a full report tomorrow, as we covered nearly every significant Royals prospect, from J.P. Howell all the way down to Gary Perez. We've also got first-hand information on 2005 draftees Jeffrey Bianchi, Chris Nicoll, and Justin Bristow.

But for tonight, we've decided to report on something else that we saw today at the Carolina-California League All Star Game in Frederick, MD. RC got our first look at Billy Butler. And WOW! We saw Butler take second place in the home run derby, spraying monster shots all over the field, including 400+ foot shots to center, right center, and left center.

There's a lot more to tell, but RC is currently very tired, so for now, you'll just have to live with a few photos of Butler's swing. The third photo captures Butler's longest HR, a shot that surely must have traveled 450 feet. Please enjoy the photos, and be sure to check in tomorrow night for a full report on our conversation with a high-ranking Royals official.

RC Comment: Nice, solid base. You can't tell from this angle, but Butler's stance is slightly closed.

RC Comment: Notice the high leg kick. Hands remain in place as the bat head tilts forward a bit in unison with the leg kick.

RC Comment: Boom! Great balanced extension through the hitting zone.

RC Comment: Maintains solid balance through the swing as the top hand begins to come off the bat.

RC Comment: Perfect balanced finish to a perfect right handed power swing.


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