Rule 5 shines on Rule 4 Day

OK, I really don't have much to say, but I thought of what I figured was a clever headline (the Rule 4 draft being the amateur draft), and I didn't want to waste it. The fact is that former Rule 5 draft pick D.J. Carrasco had a masterful performance tonight, and he lowered his ERA to a staff-leading 2.48 with an 8-1 complete game victory over the struggling Giants.

Carrasco was nasty tonight -- we saw more broken bats tonight than we have in any other game this season. If he continues to pitch like this, the Royals may have a very cheap yet effective fifth starter in their rotation for several years to come. There are some concerns about his rather putrid sub-3 K/9 IP rate, but if you look at his career stats, you'll see that this is most likely a statistical outlier.

Throughout his career, Carrasco's sole problem has been his control. Since he became a starter for KC, his control has been stellar. Perhaps Guy Hansen has had an effect on him...or perhaps he's been lucky his last few starts. Either way, RC will be pulling for him to keep it up, as right now, D.J. Carrasco is one of the most effective pitchers on the staff. And this was a great win!


At 6/08/2005 12:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,
Thought I would drop a line after Jan got me onto your blog. I think it's great. I'm kind of excited about the Howell kid. He is moving fast through the system and it wouldn't surprise me if he makes a debut right after the All-Star break. Don't know what the prognosis is on Cabrera and Anderson. I have seen Cabrera pitch twice and I liked what I saw. Great stuff. Decent makeup. Needs to know a lot more about selecting pitches.
I like Gordon. I wonder what this pick means to Teahen. I could see a position move for Gordon. Corner OF or second base. It will be interesting to see where they start him off next year. I assume if they sign him that he will play some shortseason ball this year and then maybe Arizona Fall League.


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