Updates! Howell to start tomorrow!

  • It has now been confirmed that J.P. Howell will make his Major League debut tomorrow night vs. the D-Backs. According to 810 WHB in Kansas City, Royals officials were just so impressed with Howell's "mound presence," they decided to move him up at this time to join this year's youth movement. Howell is already in Arizona, and we are likely to get a picture of him charting pitches tonight in the Royals dugout. Apparently, he came to San Francisco and traveled to Phoenix with the team. RC trusts the judgement of Allard Baird on this matter, but we really, really, really hope he's not wrong.

  • This is actually a few days old, but for some reason we failed to mention that the KC Star on Wednesday reported the following:
    Third baseman Billy Butler, the organization's top prospect, could also be switching positions when he returns later this month from a hand injury. Butler, 19, had already started workouts in left field before suffering a deep bruise last week when he was hit by a pitch.
    It is no coincidence that this was announced immediately after RC #1 Royals prospect Alex Gordon was drafted. It confirms the presence of a method to Allard Baird's madness, as he didn't want to move Butler until he knew for certain how the rest of the puzzle fit together. Now that puzzle is nearing completion, and it seems to include an outfield of Butler, David DeJesus, and Gordon in Kansas City by Opening Day 2007. RC has been having trouble getting sleep the past few nights, as the prospect of that outfield along with a middle lineup including those three and our favorite Aussie Justin Huber is simply too exciting.

  • The spreadsheet on the Royals financial situation is now complete and ready to post, and RC will do so on Sunday evening. The Eli Marrero trade threw a little wrinkle into the data, as nobody is sure exactly how much money the Orioles are picking up, but we think you'll be pleased nonetheless. Check back Sunday night for our BIGGEST and BEST feature yet!

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