Idaho Falls Update

By Craig Weddle

Here's an update on how the players have fared thus far in their first month of advanced rookie ball. Like advanced A High Desert and Arizona Rookie ball, Idaho Falls has its fair share of high scoring games. The team consists of college players drafted this year and younger guys drafted in '04.

- David Henninger (21st round '05) is 7th in the league with 22 strikeouts and has a 1.77 ERA. Opponents are hitting only .216 off of him, and he's yielded only four walks while working out of the bullpen.

- Michael Penn (11th round '05) is 12th in the league with 18 strikeouts while walking four.

- Ethian Santana (22nd round '04) is third in the league in BA (.391), OBP (.487) and triples (2). His OPS is .971.

- Blake Adkison (undrafted '04) is third in homers (5), 10th in slugging (.561) and 11th in RBI (15). His OPS is .939.

- Chris McConnell (9th round '04), the youngest player on the roster, is second in the league in triples (2). He's also 7th in BA (.375), 12th in RBI (14) and SLG (.550), and 13th in OBP (.404). His OPS is .954.

- Antonio Sabatini (14th round '05) is 13th in the league in SLG (.524), 14th in BA (.333) and 17th in OBP (.391). His OPS is .915.

Three other Chukars are hitting well, but don't have enough AB's to qualify for league honors. Jeffrey Howell (10th round '05) and Kiel Thibault (9th round '05)) share the catching duties and have OPSs of .916 and .958 respectively. Brady Everett (15th round '05) has an OPS of 1.026.

Theses guys are putting up good numbers, but none are likely to see significant time in A ball this year. Expect most of these guys to 'graduate' to low-A Burlington in 2006. -CW

  • One of our sources has received confirmation from his source that the Royals will indeed take the black out of their uniform and logo color scheme next season, while featuring gold more prominently. Speculation is rampant among uniform geeks about what the Royals' new threads will look like next year, and here's a cool possibility we found on a message forum, provided by someone who calls himself Unwind23:

    For more potential concepts we recommend you check out the Chris Creamer Forum here and here.

    At 7/15/2005 5:26 PM, Blogger Daniel said...

    I like the black in the uniform as an accent, just not the main color (don't know if you've ever seen the BP jerseys from last season, but it's got the black just around the shoulders and that's it). I guess the gold, used in the same way, would be pretty cool, and differentiate the Royals a bit more than the black.

    Now, if only the team followed suit and became more golden, and less black and blue...

    At 7/15/2005 5:44 PM, Blogger Dave said...

    I really like that old style sleeveless in the upper right hand corner. That looks pretty sharp.

    And yeah, those BP jerseys you're referring to are pretty sweet. I've always liked them. I don't know how I feel about the gold -- too much would look pretty gay, for lack of a better word.


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