RC World Exclusive!!! We have Alex Gordon photos!

Ahhhh, the first glimpse at the future. Why is RC always so optimistic? Because we've pictured this photo in our heads for almost a year. Now, if Justin Huber was in the hole, we'd be all set...

Long before Alex Gordon was drafted in June, RC harbored fantasies about a Royals lineup that included both Billy Butler and Gordon in the middle of it. In fact, we had penciled Gordon into our 2007 lineup before the Royals even selected him. Well, today those fantasies became reality in the Arizona Fall League.

Gordon, after going 0-for-4 in his debut for the Surprise Scorpions, was not in today's starting lineup. However, he entered the game in the seventh inning as a defensive replacement for Kendry Morales, who was batting fourth behind Butler.

Lucky for us, RC's newest correspondent, Brooke Bennett, happened to be at the game to document the proceedings. And a fine job she did! RC is pleased to present to you the FIRST photos available anywhere of Alex Gordon playing in a Royals uniform, all courtesy of Brooke:

There's the stance we came to love when Gordon was a Husker...

Gordon's superior batting eye told him that pitch was a ball.

RC appreciates the old school doughnut. Or is it "donut"? We're not quite sure how to spell it when it's not made out of dough.

Gordon's getting ready to do some damage.

The swing...

Dammit! Gordon was retired on a fly ball to left in his only at bat, but we're pretty sure the left fielder had to jump over the fence to rob him of a homer. Oh well, he still has time to exact his revenge.

Thanks again to Brooke, who came through for us in a big way today! RC is also pleased to announce that we will have more photos from the AFL forthcoming. In the next couple days, we'll publish some photos Brooke snapped of Butler, and in a few weeks, RC is taking a three-day trip to Arizona, where we'll take some high resolution photos with RC's official camera. Stay tuned, and keep checking back with us regularly.


At 10/18/2005 12:19 PM, Anonymous Brian S. said...

How freaking awesome is that? We hope to see many years of Butler at the plate and Gordon on deck or vise versa. Either way, it's a sight for sore eyes!

Now if we can just get the Royals to trade Ah-hell so Gordon can slip on his customary Number 4 everything will be great.

At 10/18/2005 1:24 PM, Anonymous Brooke said...

See I knew that the first picture would be a big deal, I remembered the last thing you wrote in your last entry "Butler and Gordon--together at last" and when I saw Gordon on the ondeck circle, im like "wow, this sure is lucky"

When I entered the stadium, the first person I was looking for was Gordon, and noticed that Morales was at first. Im like, "oh great, my luck" then When I moved behind the 3rd base dugout, I saw a GORDON jersey down there, and hoped he would pop up somewhere.

It didnt even dawn on me when he replaced Morales at first in the 7th, that Morales was hitting behind Butler.

I also liked the fact that Butler is #6, and Gordon is #7..its like they belonged next to each other. Too cool.

At 10/18/2005 6:31 PM, Blogger royalsbeliever said...

Nice photos Brooke(sweeneysangel)

This is Dustyn(kcroyals4ever) from the BLT thread lol.

At 10/19/2005 12:11 AM, Blogger Dave said...

Well Brooke, the photos were officially a big hit! RC broke every one of our previous traffic records, as we had over 750 hits and 492 unique visitors today alone.

At 10/19/2005 1:29 AM, Anonymous Brooke said...

Awesome! I guess your thread on the board helped in that also..but I think the name "Gordon" sold it though ;) Im glad I could be of some help.

At 10/20/2005 8:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Dave,

I was at today's AFL game & got some decent photos if you'd like to use them for Royals Corner. If you are interested, let me know how to get them to you.


At 10/20/2005 11:24 PM, Blogger Dave said...

Hello, Jason. Thanks for the offer! If you'd like, you can send me the photos at dsanford@gmail.com. Or just click on "RC Mailbag" underneath the main logo at the top of the page. Be sure to include your name so I can give you full credit.

At 10/22/2005 9:48 AM, Anonymous Forever033 said...

Great blog Dave! Thanks Brooke. You are our eyes at Surprise!


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