RC brings in baseball season on Super Bowl Sunday...

Folks, sorry about the lack of posts over the last couple weeks. We're in a slow period of baseball news, and it's been incredibly difficult generating the quality content RC readers have come to count on. However, this is all about to change.

Today, RC attended our first baseball games of 2006, a doubleheader between Navy and Coppin State University in Annapolis, MD. It was cold and windy, but RC stuck it out long enough to take some photos and test our new camcorder. The games themselves weren't very interesting, and it's quite likely neither team will yield even a single professional player. But still, it was fantastic to get outside and watch some baseball after months of sitting around RC Headquarters and cursing football and basketball. In case you're interested, you can view some photos of today's action here, here, here, and here.

Really, this game was just a tuneup for RC, as we wanted to get reacquainted with our official camera before heading to North Carolina in two weeks to check out some real draft prospects. The Tar Heels open their season vs. Seton Hall on February 17, and RC will be in attendance as future first round draft picks Andrew Miller and Daniel Bard take the mound for the first time in 2006. We promise to have all the photos and videos you'll ever want to see of both, along with as detailed a scouting report as we can manage.

  • Aside from the merciful end to the football season, today also marks the beginning of a new era at Royals Corner. Indeed, we are proud to present the first of what we hope are many captivating columns from our newest correspondent, Kevin Agee. Kevin plans a five-part analysis of the Royals roster, beginning today with the catchers. Once again, we welcome Kevin to the team, and we cannot wait to see what he has in store for us in the months ahead.

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