RC delivers more photos of AFL action...

Alex Gordon heads toward the Scorpion dugout after an inning.

Here's a good shot of Gordon's stride.

Billy Butler is getting ready to do some damage.

Sure enough, Butler slammed a three-run homer to left. That's Howie Kendrick on the right, and Josh Anderson on the left.

Thanks again to Jason DeHaai for the great photos, which were all taken on October 20.

  • RC doesn't have much more to report, but we highly recommend you check out's Royals Organizational Review. In addition, the Daily Lancer has an interesting perspective on White Sox closer Bobby Jenks, which is worth a read.


    At 11/07/2005 11:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Question bud...... great photo's, what camera do you use by the way ?

    At 11/08/2005 12:04 AM, Blogger Dave said...

    Thanks man. The photos in this thread were taken by RC correspondent Jason DeHaai. I have no idea what kind of camera he used, but they are of a quality similar to what I use.

    I use a Sony 5.1 megapixel Super Steady Shot with 12X Optical Zoom. I don't know the model number off the top of my head, but I can check if you'd like. I swear, it's one of the best investments I ever made, because the photo clarity and ease of use is just incredible.


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