Off-day notes...Everyone should do the "Esteban Flip"

Folks, now that the Royals are officially on a winning streak and spirits are high, it's time to tackle a light-hearted subject we've been meaning to comment on. It's called the "Esteban Flip." As you should have noticed by now, RC's Official favorite utility player, Esteban German, has a fantastic method of dropping his bat after making contact. Instead of simply dropping his lumber like most boring players, German usually adds some flair to the routine by flinging it into the air behind him on his way to first base. The bat hits the ground after traversing a beautiful arc through the air, and sometimes it travels quite far before coming to a rest.

The term "Esteban Flip" was coined by RC Correspondent Chris Ray, not Esteban German.

Now, he doesn't always do the "Esteban Flip," so don't be discouraged if you don't see it the next time he steps to the plate. Just keep watching, because he's sure to do it again eventually. And when you do see it, you'll know that you've witnessed the "Esteban Flip," and maybe you'll even share an understanding nod with a fellow RC reader who also noticed and appreciated it.

In fact, RC is thinking about starting a movement. To show our support for Esteban German, we'd like the "Esteban Flip" to become the latest fad. Just imagine the possibilities! This goes far beyond simply teaching your little league son the "Esteban Flip" (which you should definitely do anyway), but instead extends into all areas of everyday life.

The next time you're on the golf course, be sure to give that 3-wood an "Esteban Flip" to celebrate a great drive. The next time you go to the store, "Esteban Flip" your money to the cashier, and be sure to tell her exactly why you just threw your cash on the floor. And if you happen to be a Chiefs fan, the next time you spill your Natural Light while crashing your truck, be sure to "Esteban Flip" your expired insurance card to the victim.

RC won't be back in KC for at least a couple of months, but when we do return, we hope to see "Esteban Flips" wherever we go. We'll be downright disappointed if our waitress at Jack Stack doesn't "Esteban Flip" us our plate of burnt ends.

  • The minor leagues tonight provided some good news and some bad news. The good news is that both Billy Butler and Alex Gordon homered in Wichita's 6-5 win over Arkansas, the first time this year that both have done so in the same game. The bad news is that Justin Huber left Omaha's game in the seventh inning due to a "hand/wrist injury." We have no further word on the extent of Huber's injury, but we'll be sure to keep everyone posted when we do hear something.

    We've generally moved all of our minor league reporting to our Daily Prospect Update (if you're not yet a member of our FREE e-mail list, sign up here), but we felt this news was sufficiently important to include on our main page. Hopefully the injury isn't serious, and Huber will soon be torturing Pacific Coast League pitchers again.

  • There was more significant movement on our Top 10 Collegiate Draft Prospect list, and this week's update has been posted. The draft situation continues to be murky, but according to reports, it appears as though the Royals may have honed in on four pitchers. Be sure to check out this week's report, and tell us what you think.

    At 4/25/2006 8:40 AM, Anonymous Chris Ray said...

    The Omaha World-Herald is reporting that Justin Huber dislocated his right pinky while diving back to first last night. There isn't any news on how many games he could miss.

    At 4/25/2006 9:21 AM, Blogger PghChris said...

    Just a quick comment on the Draft Prospect Update since you can't post a comment on that page.

    It's very hard to ignore Lincecum's numbers right now. They're flat out sick. A sub .150 BA against, 140K's and 41 hits allowed in 85 innings. I mean, these are as good of numbers as they come at any level. Any time you can average upwards of two K's per inning while allowing less than a hit every two innings, I'd say you're doing something right.

    That said, I'm curious to hear others opinion on him. I've never seen him pitch, and can only go off of what I've read. But there are a couple things that concern me about him right now that make me a little hesitant.

    First, the walks are high. He's averaging upwards of 5 walks per 9 innings, and you would figure that the chance of more walks would increase the higher he goes and the tougher the competition gets. The Royals have enough problems already throwing strikes as it is, so it does at least make me think twice about him. I'm not saying he completely lacks control, only that it would be a concern of mine.

    Secondly, he doesn't seem to have overpowering stuff from what I've read. It's obviously quite good stuff, but he also doesn't have great size, and I've heard at least a couple of people comment on his delivery as an arm blowout waiting to happen. It also sounds like UW has put a lot of innings on his arm over the past couple years, again increasing the injury concern on him.

    Again, I'm not saying that he wouldn't be a good pick, I'm just curious on others opinions who may have seen him play, because his numbers are just flat out sick, and there's no doubt the Royals have not had a strikeout pitcher that good for quite a while. They only info I have on him is second (or third or fourth...) hand.

    At 4/25/2006 9:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    you can view a video of Lincecum on calleaguers.com. he has a hesitation in his delivery, but his fastball really jumps

    At 4/25/2006 10:53 AM, Anonymous Brooke said...

    gosh isnt it fun when we are winning?

    I never even noticed the "esteban flip" ha ha..I just love the guy cause hes fast. And his name...his name is SO flippin cool, my next animal is going to be called "este...ban Germaaan" *has to be said slow or else it wont have the same effects"

    At 4/25/2006 11:19 AM, Blogger PghChris said...

    Thanks for the link. His fastball, at least according to the numbers on the video, has more velocity than what I read.

    I don't know a lot about pitching mechanics, so while he does have a little hitch, I don't know whether that's signficant or not to potential arm problems down the road.

    The 160 pounds does concern me a little bit. I know it's completely unfair to Lincecum, but I just can't get Dan Reichert out of my mind.

    The Royals just can't afford to miss with this pick. They HAVE to get it right and get a high quality arm out of it. Who that is, I don't know. I certainly don't have the expertise to make an educated guess yet.

    At 4/25/2006 1:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    The Pipeline (http://thekclpipeline.blogspot.com/) also reports Huber's injury as a dislocated pinky, and speculates he'll only be out "2 or 3 games".

    At 4/25/2006 1:32 PM, Blogger Max said...

    Spirits are high?

    I don't like Linecum at all, mostly because of his walks. That is this organization's biggeset problem, and it has been for a long time - too many walks issued by pitchers.

    I like Miller the most, but this kid from Houston, Brad Lincoln is growing on me. 89 IP 109 K 21 BB - 1.82 ERA. Probably not facing the same kind of competition as Linecum, but that K-BB ratio and overall control makes me salivate.

    At 4/25/2006 1:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    "And if you happen to be a Chiefs fan, the next time you spill your Natural Light while crashing your truck, be sure to "Esteban Flip" your expired insurance card to the victim."

    Just FYI - this made me laugh really friggin' hard. Kudos!

    At 4/25/2006 2:27 PM, Blogger Alden said...

    I did the "Esteban Flip" with my pen when I endorsed my tax return check.

    At 4/25/2006 2:39 PM, Blogger Dave said...

    Alden, that's fantastic!

    It's beginning!

    At 4/25/2006 7:07 PM, Blogger royalsbeliever said...

    Buster Olney had a article on ESPN.com about the Royals' interests in Tim Lincecum, and they said the negative was his height, I think it was 5-10. And anyways, they did a research on like if taller or shorter pitchers were more efficient and it was clear that shorter ones were so maybe we should go with Lincecum rather than Miller.

    At 4/26/2006 9:06 AM, Blogger Dave said...

    Royalsbeliever, I saw that report, and I "Esteban Flipped" it out of my hands after acknowledging that Buster Olney doesn't have the slightest idea about the Royals are intending to do.


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