RC presents our official Arizona Fall League Report

Folks, RC is pleased to announce that we have finally finished evaluating and cropping the 979 images and video we took in Arizona. We've broken it all down for you into one page that gives you all the photos and videos you could ever want to see of Billy Butler, Alex Gordon, Matt Tupman, and Brian Bass. To view the page, simply click on the hyperlink above or the icon prominently displayed on the right sidebar.

RC has a busy weekend ahead, as we hope to provide a couple more fresh items over the next few days. For starters, we plan to continue our defense of Allard Baird over at Kauffman Confidential, and we also plan to comment on today's developments on KC's 40-man roster. In addition, Baseball America has some interesting content concerning Butler and Gordon, and we hope to provide our own perspective. Keep checking back with us regularly throughout the weekend!


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