RC Live Draft Tracker -- Day 2

The Royals have had hours to consider their 19th pick in this year's draft, and RC is standing by to see who they select. The Royals could select as many as 32 players today, and RC will update each pick as it happens.

  • Round 19 (557): Jeffrey Inman, RHP -- Garces Memorial HS (CA)

  • Round 20 (587): Bradley Boxberger, RHP -- Foothill HS (CA)

  • Round 21 (617): Burke Baldwin, LHP -- Elgin CC (IL)

  • Round 22 (647): Romas Hicks, RHP -- Georgia State University

  • Round 23 (677): Aaron Hartsock, RHP -- California Baptist University

  • Round 24 (707): Tyler Moyneur, C -- Arizona Western College

  • Round 25 (737): Rafael Valenzuela, SS -- Nogales HS (AZ)

  • Round 26 (767): Darrell Lockett, OF -- Weatherford HS (TX)

  • Round 27 (797): Colby Killian, RHP -- Warren County HS (TN)

  • Round 28 (827): Michael Wheeler, OF -- Walters State CC (TN)

  • Round 29 (857): Steven Rinaudo, SS -- American River College (CA)

  • Round 30 (887): Tyler Pearson, RHP -- University of Northern Colorado

  • Round 31 (917): Brandon Lance, C -- New Mexico State University

  • Round 32 (947): Fernando Garcia, 2B -- Colegio de la Inmaculada

  • Round 33 (977): Harold Smith, OF -- Palmetto HS (FL)

  • Round 34 (1007): Jared Grace, 1B -- Pensacola JC

  • Round 35 (1037): Anthony Stoval, RHP -- Kailua HS (HI)

  • Round 36 (1067): Manuel Garcia, RHP -- Cochise College

  • Round 37 (1097): Kaleb Harst, C -- St. Thomas Moore HS (LA)

  • Round 38 (1127): Michael Dabbs, OF -- Cowley County CC (OK)

  • Round 39 (1157): Steven Moore, RHP -- Thomasville HS (GA)

  • Round 40 (1187): Christopher Snipes, LHP -- Warner Robins HS (GA)

  • Round 41 (1217): Jeremy Toole, RHP -- Huntsville HS (TX)

  • Round 42 (1247): Todd McBride, OF -- The Dalles HS (OR)

  • Round 43 (1276): Brennan Thorpe, RHP -- Saddleback CC (CA)

  • Round 44 (1305): Bryan Paukovits, RHP -- Southwestern College (CA)

  • Round 45 (1334): Eric Martinez, RHP -- Southwestern College (CA)

  • Round 46 (1363): Chase Lehr, RHP -- Centennial HS (AZ)

  • Round 47 (1391): Ryan Cisterna, C -- Chandler Gilbert CC (AZ)

  • Round 48 (1419): Colby Ho, 3B -- Kaiser HS (HI)

  • Round 49 (1447): Rocky Gale, C -- North Salem HS (OR)

  • Round 50 (1475): Jarrod Dyson, OF -- Southwest Mississippi JC (MS)

    At 6/07/2006 10:15 AM, Blogger PghChris said...

    Ladnier was on 810 this morning. I missed the first part of the interview so I don't know all he said, but tuned in just as he was talking about Blake Wood. Said they basically felt like his performance last year was more indicative of his future success than this year. Felt like there were a couple extenuating things that affected his numbers this year, but he's very high on his arm and feels like he is pretty polished pitcher.

    Said there was quite a bit of discussion about who to take in the third round, either Wood or Robinson. Said there were a few people that weren't happy they didn't pick Robinson in the third and so they were holding their breath that he would drop to them in the fourth.

    Is very confident Robinson will sign with them and not go to school. Said he wouldn't have drafted him if there was any doubt to his interest in signing. Compared him to Kenny Lofton. Blazing speed, good hitter (obviously no power), and a good defender with an improving arm. Feels like once they get him in a baseball only environment he will blossom.

    Was asked about Mozingo and was very high on him also. Said he hurt his hand part way through the season and Ladnier felt that was why he was still available.

    Felt like all the pitchers they got yesterday were very polished and can potentially make an impact soon. Felt like they got some high impact arms and was optimistic.

    Also was asked about Van Stratten, a local KC kid, and Ladnier said he actually signed last night. Very high upside, though probably one that will take a little longer to develop. Referred to him as potentially a "gem."

    I wish I had heard his comments about Taylor but missed them.

    Was also asked about the fact that Baseball America didn't have Taylor or Wood in their top 200 prospects and how much stock they put into BA's rankings, and he said "Zero." Obviously this would be expected, but he said he couldn't care less how BA ranked his players.

    Was asked about what to look forward to in the second day of the draft. Said he still had one or two more positional needs to fill some spots in the minors, but otherwise would be looking to draft some guys with signability issues that they could draft and follow throughout the year.

    I guess nothing surprising or revealing. I still think Wood went too high, but sounds like the Royals stayed true to their boards. It also dawned on me that I wonder if Moore had any impact at all in his selection. Obviously Wood was right in Atlanta's backyard so you figure they had seen a lot of him. It probably didn't have any impact, but I just wondered if possibly Moore told Ladnier he wanted the kid and that's why he went earlier than expected. Possibly he knew the Braves had a strong interest as well. Obviously that's just purely speculation, but it at least crossed my mind.

    At 6/07/2006 12:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    awesome info pghchris!

    At 6/07/2006 12:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Day 2: Glad to see the Royals went after a difficult sign, high ceiling guy coming out of the gates. Some stats on Burke Baldwin. As of late may..71.2 .1.758 ERA, 91ks, 25bbs. only 14 ER over 17 starts.

    At 6/07/2006 1:09 PM, Blogger Dave said...

    Looks like a lot more pitching today. Inman was rated pretty highly by Baseball America, but he fell to day two, most likely because of signability concerns. Let's hope the Royals throw some money at him and buy him out of college.

    At 6/07/2006 8:39 PM, Blogger Dave said...

    This is very frustrating. Second day in a row with major technical difficulties on blogger, but it looks like the site is finally working again. I'll begin updating all the day's draft picks shortly.

    At 6/09/2006 11:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Anybody know who, if any, of the picks has signed?


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