RC hates everything about the White Sox...

Is there anything more worthless than a White Sox fan? The following is a brief list of the things we hate about the White Sox:

1) Everything

Seriously. We hate Hawk Harrelson and his "He gone!" proclamation EVERY SINGLE TIME a White Sox pitcher strikes out an opponent. We hate the trashy stadium they play in which lies in the trashiest part of the city and attracts the trashiest fans in baseball, including one William Ligue, Jr. We hate Robin Ventura for charging the mound against Nolan Ryan (although we loved it when Nolan gave Ventura the old-man beating of his life), and we hate, above all else, Carl "there's no such thing as dinosaurs" Everett.

We hate that the White Sox traded for both Everett and Roberto Alomar not once, but twice -- in consecutive seasons. We hate A.J. Pierzinski, and we refuse to look up whether or not we spelled his name correctly. We hate that Ozzie Guillen is getting precisely the same undeserved props that Tony Pena received in 2003, and we jubilantly await his adulterous downfall. And we hate that when we were in middle school, we were persuaded to join the fad of the day by purchasing a White Sox hat (fellow twentysomethings should know what we're talking about).

OK, that pretty much wraps it up. But if we forgot to include anything, rest assured that we hate that too.


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